Wooden portable bike stand

I love such simple, yet genius ideas – an easy to make bicycle stand that is also extremely easy to take with you if you need it:

I have to admit, that kid has skills and is worth watching! If you’ve ever rode in a park where the number of bicycle stands was lacking or you simply couldn;t find one, this simple solution will immensely help you next time you go riding.


Important bicycle tools and equipment

Every cyclists need a bicycle – that’s obvious. But what about maintenance? Bike is not as complicated in construction as a car, but nevertheless it needs proper care to be safe and useful. Thus, here’s a list of tools every bike owner should have:

Torx multitool and spare hex (“Ikea”) keys

Most screws and other bicycle pieces is already equipped with torx bolts, thus having a multitool or a box full of different torx screwdrivers and keys will make your life much easier when it comes to bike repair. Additional, classic hex key is also handy, as there are hundreds of different combinations of screws but at least one of them shall have a classic hex on top.


Check the size of the most used screws and bolts on bike equipment, such as bicycle stands and car bike racks for example – most of them use classic wrenches.

Bike pump(s)

That “s” in parentheses is there for a reason – one pump should be attached to your bike for quick fixes of immediate emergencies, the other (preferably bigger and more efficient than a hand pump) should be in your house or garage, always at hand to make your wheels ready to go.

Security measures

In a form of spoke wrenches or spoke chains that will more or less secure your bike. Of course, a determined thief will finally overcome such security anyway, but the longer it takes to steal a bike, the better are your chances it won’t be stolen. Thus, always buy the top-of-the line security for your bike.

Park renovation

If you think that park renovation is a simple task that demands only a couple of dollars and a bit of good will – think again. Park renovation is often a homungous project that demands years of wark and a big amount of money. Refurbing the ammenities, cleaning the alleys and replanting trees, installation of proper additions like bike racks and dustbins, renovation of playgrounds… I could enumerate the needed changes for an hour or two and it wouldn’t be enough. You can see for yourself how titanic this task can be:

An assortment of great, simple bicycle stands

If you are looking for a nice set of bicycle racks to improve the exterior area around you, you might be interested in the projects below.

As you can see, the bicycle stands presented here are multi-purpose and can be used in many situations. Some are also portable – you can easily detach them from the surface and put them somewhere else if such need appears. This means that you have a lot of flexibility in bike placement around the park or any other area you wish to install them in. Always check out the offers of the bicycle stand providers to see which type will suit your specific needs, as the variety on the market is simply huge.

You have your own stand, now it’s time for your own bench!

All right, so you’ve tried making the bike stand I’ve posted in the previous blog update. At least I have tried and although it wasn’t so pretty as the one in the YouTube clip, it serves its purpose and I can take it with me almost anywhere.

Now for something completely different – a bench DIY tutorial!

Although it is not viable to take a bench with you anywhere you go, you can make one for your garden. You don’t have to look for some metal or wooden bench in a huge store and making a fine, classy bench is not that hard. At least it looks fairly easy in that movie. Another thing to try!