Hints from a park ranger

I know what you think – park services are there to ruin your good mood and to fine you for leaving trash in the park and they are no good for something else. But with this blog I hope to change the common opinion about park security and tell you about necessary steps you must take to have a good time in a park without endangering the well-being of the plants and animal inhabitants there.

Yes, I know you know what a trash can is for and I’ve put it there for a reason. Most people conform to a simple task of throwing the trash into an appropriate bin to help the recycling process and I believe you also care for the environment as much as I do, so I won’t bother you with the well-known facts and truths. But I’d like to talk some more about less obvious issues, like biking, jogging or any other physical activity you might perform in a park.

Remember – safety first. A speeding bike can be as dangerous as a car so you should always look for bike routes and if you cannot find one in your park, go a bit slower through the park – there are other people (and animals!) here and you don’t want to crash into someone.

Furthermore, do not leave your bike unattended in any spot – bicycle racks and bike sheds are placed here not only for decoration. Bicycle stands are not only for your convenience – they are placed in a given spot because it won’t bother anyone, won’t block any path or won’t disturb any animals living around. Always look at the park map to know where you can go and where you can leave your bicycle if you need to!

Find more about bicycle stands at bicycle-stands


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