Lack of bike stands means horror!

bicycle racks

As far as city planner is concerned, bike has no place on the sidewalk, on the road, in the park or literally anywhere in the city. Any cyclist who wants to get to work without breaking some rules would have to ride around the whole agglomeration and probably use wings in some spots.

The most appalling thing of all is lack of bike routes and bicycle stands that could accommodate growing number of cyclists. Especially the latter issue is not clear to me – a bike rack does not require rebuilding of a whole block, you don’t even have to paint lines on the pavement or a road to put one in the corner. The same goes for huge office buildings – vast, empty lobbies are a standard design, but there is no place to leave your bike or even chain it to something. We could surely use some change in this matter, although some employers understand the importance of employee’s comfort and provide bicycle sheds or bike racks, but it is not enough!


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