You have your own stand, now it’s time for your own bench!

All right, so you’ve tried making the bike stand I’ve posted in the previous blog update. At least I have tried and although it wasn’t so pretty as the one in the YouTube clip, it serves its purpose and I can take it with me almost anywhere.

Now for something completely different – a bench DIY tutorial!

Although it is not viable to take a bench with you anywhere you go, you can make one for your garden. You don’t have to look for some metal or wooden bench in a huge store and making a fine, classy bench is not that hard. At least it looks fairly easy in that movie. Another thing to try!


No bike stands around? Make one yourself

People’s ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. This particular YouTuber had a simple, yet great idea for his own, personal bike stand to use when there are no racks around. As he rides a mountain bike, it shouldn’t be surprising there are places on his track where there are nobicycle stands whatsoever.

I have to make this simple thing myself!