Metal bench renovation

Have a bench that desperately needs some renovation? Check this quick painting guide!

Don’t throw your metal bench right away, it can be quickly revitalised with a simple spray paint! 🙂


You have your own stand, now it’s time for your own bench!

All right, so you’ve tried making the bike stand I’ve posted in the previous blog update. At least I have tried and although it wasn’t so pretty as the one in the YouTube clip, it serves its purpose and I can take it with me almost anywhere.

Now for something completely different – a bench DIY tutorial!

Although it is not viable to take a bench with you anywhere you go, you can make one for your garden. You don’t have to look for some metal or wooden bench in a huge store and making a fine, classy bench is not that hard. At least it looks fairly easy in that movie. Another thing to try!

Steel benches – comfortable and durable

Benches are a well-known problem for urban planners – they have to be replaced constantly not only due to ever-present vandalism, but also due to extensive use – there is always not enough of them and the city government usually settles for the cheapest ones.

It’s not  smart move, as the low cost of a cheap bench has to be multiplied by the number of times it has to be repaired or completely replaced. A steel bench is much more durable, looks better and although it costs more, it will serve its purpose much longer.

steel bench